Who You Support

Some communities are disproportionately affected by domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, street harassment, and more. Women and girls, especially women and girls of color, transgender folks, lesbian and bisexual women, women with disabilities, native/indigenous women, immigrant women - these groups and others are at higher risk for these types of violence.

Additionally, resources for survivors of violence in these groups tend to be harder to get and sustain.

This is one of the double-whammy’s of gender violence, and why we need a truly intersectional approach to supporting survivors and changing culture.

100% of the money MenChallenging raises goes to organizations that work with survivors from these communities and more, and we try and give to those organizations that are also run by members of these communities.

Our support is wholly unrestricted - survivors and those who work with them decide how the money is used. Contact MenChallenging with any questions, or if you have suggestions for other organizations to support!

MenChallenging supports different organizations each year. See below to learn more about who you are currently supporting, and then add your support by becoming a MenChallenging member today.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing people are an underserved community due to language and cultural barriers. Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals are two to three times more likely to be abused than people who hear. Research has shown that the abuse that Deaf and hard of hearing experience is often more severe and longer lasting than other abuse, partially due to not being able to get proper help or proper resources.

Some of the things your support will help DWAVE accomplish:

“We provide a survivor retreat every other month, and provide food and materials that they will use. ”

$1,500 supports a year of survivor retreats

“Material assistance - some survivors need gas cards, food cards, help with moving, and more. These costs are not covered by our grants and other funding.”

$5,000 for material assistance for current survivors DWAVE is working with

“Emergency hotel stay for survivors when domestic violence shelters are full”


“Crisis interpreting services for when interpreters are not available, allowing us to provide communication access to Deaf survivors.”

$8,000 for interpreting services per year

“Additionally we would love to have couple of apartment or private rooms for Deaf survivors to use. It is often not safe for them at homeless or other shelters due to communication barriers. To get our own “shelter” we are trying to raise between $80,000 and $100,000.”



FORGE provides a wide range of assistance to anti-violence professionals who are seeking support to provide competent and respectful care to transgender survivors and loved ones of sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking, and hate violence, as well as providing support directly to survivors themselves.

Some of the things your support will help FORGE accomplish:

For every $100 MenChallenging raises for FORGE we support trans survivors and victim service providers in these concrete ways:

  • 500 “I’m here for you” cards to support trans/non-binary survivors

  • 300 made-to-order self-affirmation/self-empowerment buttons

  • An outreach/awareness social media video

  • 1 week of boosted Facebook/Twitter outreach ads

  • 3 hours direct peer-to-peer support

  • Facilitation for two monthly trans/non-binary teens support groups

  • 75 service provider starter button packets

  • Transcription of 90-minute training webinar to enhance accessibility