How To Challenge

Welcome to MenChallenging!

Our challenge is to greatly increase the number of men, boys, and everyone taking concrete action against gender-based violence, and to increase the amount of support going to survivors of violence.

Your challenge is to do what you can, and maybe more.

If you are new to MenChallenging then, again, welcome, and the info below is for you. It will help you successfully complete your challenge through the "three P's". MenChallenging members have one year to do so…

If you have any questions or want to change anything about your membership then just let us know.


Personal requirement

Members of MenChallenging are required to directly support organizations on the front lines of addressing violence and supporting survivors. Each membership type has a minimum amount you are expected to raise and donate. 

Remember that a minimum is just a minimum. Give more if you are able! You can:

  • Create an online fundraiser through the MenChallenging CrowdRise page

  • Hold a bake sale, raffle, auction, garage sale, or any other kind of fundraiser to increase your donation

  • Contact MenChallenging for more ideas, and let us know what ideas you have for us to share with others

The current beneficiary for this quarter (September 1 - November 30, 2018) is DWAVE. Go here to learn more about all the organizations we will be supporting this year. 

  • You can split your annual donations up between the 4 organizations, or focus on the one or more that you feel most strongly about. It is up to you!

Donations are given through Crowdrise, at MenChallenging pages supporting the beneficiary organizations. Crowdrise takes a fee for each donation, so please try and take that into account when giving. 

If you are unable now or at any point to raise or give personally to meet your requirement, again just let us know. There is a sliding scale available, and we are very understanding when it comes to financial realities. We do come from the non-profit sector after all :)

Use the button below to make your donation!


peer requirement

You are required to help MenChallenging grow our membership. Based on your membership type you must recruit additional members to the campaign.

Have them apply for membership through this website just like you did, and remind them to put your name as the person who recruited them so you get the credit!

Not sure how to recruit? We can help. Find a few tips below, and contact us with any questions or for more ideas. 

  • While MenChallenging focus primarily on engaging men and boys, anyone and everyone is welcome to be a member

  • Choose low hanging fruit - recruit men or others in your life that you know well, or that you think will most likely support what MenChallenging does

  • Share the MenChallenging website if that helps

  • Share with your potential recruits why this is important for you, why you care about this issue

  • If a potential recruit is not sure about joining, ask why and explore their reasons with them. Your job is not to force people to join, but to identify men and boys in your life who are ready to accept this challenge

  • Tweet, post, 'gram, snapchat, DM - use the interwebs!

  • As always, the minimum is just that, a minimum. Figure out how to do more - instead of additional individual members, try starting a group! Parents in the neighborhood, co-workers, little league team, any team will do!

  • If you figure out a creative and effective way of recruiting, let us know so we can share it with others. We will make you famous.

  • Share the link below with potential recruits to have them sign up today

post t.jpg

public requirement

Share with us your reason for joining MenChallenging - what your stake is in ending gender-based violence, and in supporting survivors of violence. We will use your stories to inspire other men like you to stand up as well.

Not sure what to say? You can use any of these prompts or tips below. There is no right or wrong answer, and we feel pretty confident that whatever reason you give there are other people that will connect to it, will be inspired by it.

  • Be honest, and be yourself

  • Think about what your relation is to this issue, why you care about it

  • Was there a certain moment when you realized what gender violence is, or saw what it can do? Stories can be very powerful.

  • If you are going to share a story about an experience you had personally with violence, it could bring up intense feelings or more. Reach out to friends/family for support, or MenChallenging for help finding support.

  • If you are going to share a story about someone else's experiences with violence, please make sure you do not share any identifying information unless you have explicit permission to do so.

  • Contact us for any help in meeting this requirement.

You can share a written answer, audio or video recording, photographs, or another format that you feel comfortable with. Let us know if we can share your answer, and whether you want it shared anonymously or not. 

  • For written statements, please keep them simple and short if possible.

  • For audio and video statements, try to keep them to 3-5 minutes if possible.